Black Star Apparel is a new clothing brand, started in fall of 2012 by two 19 year old college students Kaulin Ervin and Cameron Dieudonne. The two students were tired of searching for stylish clothing that had unique qualities at an affordable price. So the two joined their limited money and started their own clothing company from the ground up. After a few short months of research and basic sketches, Black Star Apparel was born.

        The clothing brand is geared toward displaying individuality and unique trends. The uniqueness is evident in the company name, Black Star. The average star is bright and easy to visualize but a black star is different from any other star in the sky. Different is just how Black Star Apparel wants their wearers to be. Black Star Apparel creates every design with the trendsetters of the world in mind. The founders of Black Star Apparel have the vision to develop a company that will stand out and take the fashion industry to the next level.

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